We package your products for safe shipping and according to the guidelines of carriers as well as the specific requirements of each product.  The task starts from evaluating and selecting the right packaging materials such as boxes, liners, bubble wraps, peanuts, etc.  We know that your packages may be dropped or thrown by the carriers and we well know that “Fragile” stickers are often ignored by carriers. That is why we take it up on ourselves to implement necessary protective measures during the packaging process.

We also know that the packaging represents the supplier and their level of care and attention to quality.  Packaging forms the first impression in customers.  When something is wrong with the packaging, customers will be alerted and immediately look for other problems.

Following are some of the problems resulted from improper packaging:

  1. Products break during transportation
  2. All or part of the content may be lost by falling out or leakage
  3. Customer may not see everything clearly and report missing parts
  4. Customers may trough away small parts along with the packing material
  5. Packages may get lost when the address labels are not secured and fall

While packaging each and every order we think about all these possibilities and prevent them by caring and paying attention to the details.

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